Burn in me

“Burn in me” was originally, “Burn over me”, and was inspired by the preaching of Peter Robertson, New Zealands own resident prophet, when he was preaching regularly at Thames Elim. Love that man and his heart.

Ian’s comments:

This was a really cool Rumours of Worship session (18 December 2010) because Andrew G (Ian and Tanya’s son) played quite a key role on his acoustic guitar (Epiphone performer ME/TBK – he chose it for it’s looks, but it turned out to be the bomb soundwise!!). In any case most of us had only heard the song once before. Bethany played bass, but had never heard it, and had forgotten where the Eb was, so she overdubbed her bass line after the event – she played various notes related to the Eb… but rarely the Eb itself. Tanya played keys (piano sound), but we had taken the signal in as a MIDI sound as well as audio, so we created a piano/string sound for the MIDI to play and muted the original piano audio. Simon led on his strat and Ian played his Godin. Simon, Cheryl and Tanya sang and Cheryl played acoustic guitar. (Bethany and Ian tried to find that Eb on the bass so they didn’t sing.)