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Late Night Musings

I wrote this piece of music after hearing a student at school play a jazz piece. I thought, if they can write a jazz type piece, could I? It was not as simple as I thought, however, I have grown up with plenty of jazzy music being played at home, so it is not like I had no idea, it was just that I had not tried to write in that particular style. I find that as a teacher, I am often challenged by what my students do. I feel that if I expect my students to do something creatively then surely I should expect the same thing of myself. I need to remember what it feels like to try something from scratch, to be out of my comfort zone and try something new, no matter the results.

I think God sometimes asks us to step outside our comfort zone. It is not so much to make us feel inadequate, as to show us that He is there and anoints us for the task at hand because we cannot afford to rely on ourselves, but have to fully rely on Him. More often than not in those situations, I come out marveling at the wonder of how God leads us and we are able to look back and go, “My gosh, how was I possibly able to do that?” God is so gracious in so many ways.

In this version (we may put up a studio version at some point – as you can see, we are into two or sometimes more versions of a particular song or piece of music), Ian is playing elex guitar and I am on keys. We played this at an Arts weekend at the theatre in town and was the first time this piece had been played in public. This was a result of deciding to play our original stuff we feel God has given us to sing or play. We were mixing our own sound on stage and at the beginning I am just checking with the front of house sound guys if we have the mix right.

This is you (Bethany’s song) – Studio version

Here is the studio version of ‘This is You (Bethany’s Song)’.  As I said on the live version, I wrote this for Bethany a while back, but wanted to do the song justice by having other musos play on it. On this version, Simon is playing bass, Ian is on acoustic guitar, I am playing keys and the special guest is Ashley B from England, but originally from South Africa who happened to be visiting us with his dear wife, Tas. Ashley is playing all the haunting electric guitar stuff (multiple tracks) and I am so grateful and feel privileged to have him play on one of my songs. Thanks Ash! It means more to me than you know as you have been with us through many experiences and we so loved having you and Tas here in NZ. There is nothing like doing things with good friends.

Once more I programmed the drums with some help from Ian. Now if only we could have some of our drummer friends come play here with us! You know who you are. Have to say, we have only played with fantastic drummers and have been spoilt for life.

This is for you, Betha!

Faith like a Child (Faith, hope and love) – at the Variety Bash

This song was written some time back, but I never had the chance to do it with more than just Ian and I. When we had the opportunity to do it at the Variety Bash on the Taupo Domain, we decided to throw in some original songs with the covers we were doing. So….finally a chance to do it with another guitarist, Simon, playing lead guitar and Ian doing the acoustic. Cheryl normally plays piano on this song, but was taking a break and Brooke had not yet learned the bass, but we are slowly getting there. BTW – Simon didn’t have any music so Ian was shouting the chords to him during the solo. Okay, so it is a bit rough, and you can hear the kids screaming in the background for the Variety Bash, but this is what was captured on the day. We were grateful for the invite from the Taupo District Council to play at this event. We had a blast and were well looked after.

The song says it all really – still learning to have faith like a child……

Note from Ian: Simon is playing his blue Samick semi-acoustic through his Line 6 RD 300 and Ian is playing his 25 year old Guild with effects compliments of Logic (yes, we all played through Logic live while it also recorded us!) Tanya is singing through a Shure SM58 – one day we might get something a bit more flash.

This is you (Bethany’s song) – Live version

This song was written for Bethany and was sung only for the second time in public at this event (the Variety Bash). Ian and I had performed it the week before at an arts event at the theatre the week before. This is the first time we had done the song this way, quite uptempo and rhythmical and we were both trying to still get the hang of doing it this way. It was a real privilege to air this song publicly. I am just sorry that Betha was not there to hear it. Don’t worry – we shall make her listen to the recording to death! I love what it has to say about her and for me it is also about all our young ones, learning to live their dreams in the daylight.

At some time we will put up the more full band studio version. Enjoy!