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Chasing the Wind

I wrote this song when I was literally at a crossroads surrounding a job and where I should be and where I would fit in. Whenever I am at that particular place (this was certainly not the first time and most likely will not be the last), I often wonder if I am just chasing the wind or whether it is the Holy Spirit leading me on or sometimes both. It takes some measure of discernment on my part as to the way forward, especially when the way is not fully clear and at times can seem impossible. However, God is ever patient, for which I am entirely grateful.

This song started off with an acoustic feel and then I decided to take a different tack with it. It was recorded over several months as I tried to decide what to do with it (crossroads?).

Fave musicians: Ian on the many guitar tracks – sometimes I think he thinks this is an opportunity to have as many guitar tracks as possible! I have to say, that once he laid the first guitar tracks for the opening of the song, I changed my mind about the feel and sound of the song – so thanks, Ian! Simon, on the hollow body Epiphone, for the great guitar solo, which kind of makes the song for me. The usual loops and sounds are from Logic Audio. One day there may be a drummer on the horizon – just fussy since I have played with just so many awesome drummers. You know who you are!

Ask for the music if you would like it.




A RECORDING DONE IN AUCKLAND with Tanya, Cheryl, And Simon

WIthout You

a recording done in Auckland with Tanya, Cheryl, and Simon

Pray, Love, Dance

Heard Dave Garrett speak on the weekend urging us to speak in tongues as often as we can. To aid this practice, he encouraged us to take a rythym and pray alone to it. So I created this track (20 mins) for Mal Buchanan ( An awesome brother I meet in the weekend) and thought maybe it could also help others.

Let me know if it is at all helpful