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All I Know

This song was written a few years ago and has been used in more secular venues

Give Me Oil

I wrote this a while back. It sounds a bit like a johnny cash type vocal so that is rather unique as I don’t really listen to him at all. well there you are. I hope you enjoy

You Come To Me

What can I say about this song. “I love His presence”. As much as I desire Poppa, He desires me more. So I say Love Him an enjoy Him always

High and Lofty One

in Isaiah 57:15  God uses High and Lofty One as one of the His titles. He says He lives in that High and Holy place with the humble and brokenhearted. this is the inspriation for this song

Choose Life – studio

a redo of a song we did live some time ago

Falling Into Grace

Written some time ago. I heard a qoute on a movie “I’ve got your back” I’m still discovering that Father God has got my back, my front, my sides, and under and over me. In Him we are secure

Be Glorified

This song I wrote some time back. Some of my favourite lyrics are

” When I’m falling, You catch me with Your Love

When I’m standing its by Your grace alone.”

It always reminds me of my need to be still and know


I heard someone recently speaking on joy. And this inspired a response. So here is my response!


this song was done on an earlier rumours recording. This is one of my favourites right now

It Overflows

this song was written while worshipping in the Inspire Taupo auditorium. Just the sense of the well bubbling up full of overflowing love, a river that overflows its banks and a fire hat cannot be quenched