Monthly Archives: May 2016

Travelling Light

I got up yesterday morning and thought of all the things I could do. I had one little phrase in my head. I thought, “I could write from that phrase. I haven’t written for a long time. Perhaps I have a story in me.” I sat down for about 5 hours and wrote. I abandoned the initial phrase, but it helped me to get started, so I am grateful for the one line.
Generally I have no idea where a story is going or where it will end up. About halfway through I thought, “This is for Mel”. Mel is our “Hamilton daughter” and this story is dedicated to her for her birthday. We are really proud of her walking towards Living Light.
BTW in case you are worried about it being a long story (seeing as it took me 5 hours to write) … have no fear, it’s way shorter than the time it took to write. In the middle of that time I did have to have tea, a few times, and also had a lovely visit from our son and his entourage which helped to refill my creative tank.

Creator God Meditation

This song is part of the 3 songs that we recorded almost by accident a couple of weeks ago. We had just worshipped to Hope is Rising. Simon reminded us that we do really need to take time to “breathe”. We hung around on the Am7 theme. I played a bit and added in a bit. Then another section came to us an Fmaj7 G Am7 part and variations of that. Tanya took over the lead. You will hear Simon and I “conversing” and echoing each other’s cry for those who have gone before (Anzac Day was just before this) not only in life, but also in the passing down of knowledge about life and how God moves.

We find this kind of music is lovely for those who like to take a moment either in the day, or often for us, it seems to be in the middle of the night. One of the great moments in this song was when both Cheryl and Tanya both “breathed” during the song – just one of those moments…

For tech details see “Hope is Rising”

Be My Place of Safety

Simon here: This is the final song that we recorded almost by accident a couple of weeks ago. I wrote it some time back in 1999. Once we got the music out everyone joined in.  The song is about God being our refuge, our strength, our rest, our hope… our everything. The song was revived after I was prayed for around “safety”. Safety is a place I call home

For tech details see “Hope is Rising”. I think you may hear Ian singing here too. Tanya didn’t have music so she sang and played shaker.

Hope is Rising

We popped around to visit Simon and Cheryl and gave them some encouraging news. Simon was playing a ditty on the guitar and he had a few words. We sang together and the rest of us put in some contributions. By the time we had drunk some tea we had the song.

This recording happened somewhat by accident. A couple of weeks ago we got together to sing worship together at our house. We plugged in really just so that we could hear ourselves. I decided to push record and we ended up singing three songs. This one, then “Creator God Meditation” and finally “Place of Safety”. Those songs have their own Posts on this website.

The tech details for those interested. We are recording through a Tascam US – 16×08 device. Simon is playing a half size Samick directly in, Ian plays his Godin electric (LGXT) through a Vox tonelab SE, Cheryl and Tanya both play Keys through Logic on Electric Piano and Piano respectively. I play some Cahon with a bass pedal. Simon, Cheryl and Tanya all sing. The song starts strangely because Simon started singing and we didn’t have music etc, so the first part of the song was rather sketchy. As you can probably tell, no overdubs were done….