Monthly Archives: February 2016

Early Morning

Last week as we got up in the morning Tanya, my wife, and I were chatting about how early mornings when you are half asleep can be filled with great hope and also sometimes confusing and even dark moments. I had said good bye to her and she went to work. I had some time so I played my guitar a bit. Then I thought the little chord ditty I had at the start had promise so I plugged into my looper (for those who don’t know, a looper is a device that you play your instrument into and it remembers what you play and plays it back to you so you can play something else over the original – if you get my meaning.)

I decided the ditty had more than a “looper” amount of promise. I powered up the lonely recording equipment and laid down the ditty, which is just the first few chords. I then improvised as I recorded playing the Gm, Am, Bbmaj7 Bb/C section etc and then found myself in an Am section (the dark section of the morning). That ended well on an Asus2 (which had no major or minor to it…. nice and ambiguous). I decided to then go back to the starting point again and managed to end on a major (actually also a sus2 chord).

I laid the “solo” guitar part over it “off the top” (Yes, I know it sounds like I wasn’t sure of where I was going, that is because I didn’t know where I was going….). I ended up playing the first notes of “Here comes the Sun”, albeit in the wrong key. It felt like there is always hope at the end, the Sun keeps rising, a new day dawns and there is light enough for this day.

Feel free to request the chord chart if you want to play it. It starts with an Fmaj9sus (Offhand, I think). I will probably make a chart for it so we can play it. BTW when I say “play it”, I mean perhaps I play the chords and others improvise over the chords. I did overdub the very first chord section of the song as I had played it rather tentatively. It took me several hours to manage that. Perhaps there is a lesson here. While feeling inspired I laid both tracks, probably in under 30 minutes. With much less inspiration I struggled to overdub myself.

(I do wonder if anyone reads these things…. but I enjoyed writing it in any case ;))

Hope is Rising

This song is hopefully the new start of song writing in Hamilton, New Zealand. Simon had an idea and Tanya and Ian added some lyrical ideas. We wanted to keep it really un-religious and so, accessible to everyone. Simon laid down a very quick version  – playing a Baby Taylor guitar. The version is so quick that I missed the very start…. Perhaps there will be another more detailed version at some stage. We hope to try the song out at River Vineyard tomorrow.

At the bottom of the chord chart is the voicing of the guitar chords. Listen and hopefully you can hear the variations between related chords. Also, at the very bottom is a line that may replace the very New Zealand line about Whānau (extended family) and Haere Mai (welcome). Feel free to use lyrics for that line that work in your context.