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Choose Life

‘Now choose life’…. (Deut 30:19).

Choosing life doesn’t meant we can choose everything about life to be the way we want. This songs about the most important choice we make every day, even when there are aspects of life that can’t be chosen we can ‘choose life itself’.

Cheryl and I  went to see someone in hospital and were both tremendously impacted by the  the extreme edge that challenges life itself, not all of it could be understood but in writing this song I wanted to capture the intensity, rawness and importance  of the choice itself.

Its recorded at a camp in a live worship setting with the whole band, you’ll hear some interesting notes, just like in ‘life’ they are not predictable.

You’re My Everything

So…. what does ‘you’re my everything mean’? Different things to different people for sure, this songs about ‘everything’ being ‘wholehearted’, its a live track in a camp setting with some tricky technical & equipment challenges, we went for it anyway in the spirit of wholeheartedness. The whole bands in on this one, Ian, Tanya, Carl, Simon and Cheryl.

“…I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the Lord wholeheartedly…” Deuteronomy 1:36

Be still and know – the effected vocal version

This is the same song that Simon recorded “live” directly into the mac (playing with a loop), except that we played with the vocals and pitch-shifted it downwards! Quite fun. We found it was quite hard for him to hear the pitch, so I think in the end we recorded it without the pitch-shifting and then changed the pitch afterwards.

Praise Awaits

This is from our “Rumours of worship” time in August 2010. It’s a song that Simon felt we should sing after “How great is our God” and before “Dwell” – both not original – so we are not putting them on the site (yet). The “Psalm” that Simon and Cheryl did was a bit later in the same worship “set” of about 1 1/2 hours.

Be Still And Know – more real studio version

This is another version of Simon’s original song…. enjoy. Same loop, same backing, but using his “real” voice.

The call of the Tui

This bird has a more distinctive call than many others. One of the things we feel is that it speaks of the voice of God; distinctive from all others. We feel the need to quiet all the other “voices” so that we can hear the Father’s voice and be obedient to Him. We want to say what we hear the Father saying and  do what we see the Father’s doing.


When I asked Andrew what he wanted to say about this song, he said “Wow, isn’t this amazing!”… and it is.  You will have to ask him why it’s called “distressed”, but it may relate to his upcoming NCEA exams… or not….

This is a song that Andrew wrote in Auckland, with one guitar, several effects – all out of Garage band. He is playing a Fernandes (with a Floyd Rose – check out the ending) directly into the white mac through a line in. All the effects, amp simulators etc are in the mac.

Near To You

Now here is a love worth dying for. dedicated to God, and Cheryl, and those I love

Friend (Cheryl’s Song)

I wrote this song a while ago for a musical, for which I wrote the music. I loved the song so much that I wanted to use it in other contexts. Originally two girls sang the song as an expression of their friendship towards each other. However, I have come to realize that the friend in the song is very much Jesus. My good friend Cheryl has had some unbelievable things happen to her in her life and no matter now dark and unclear things get and no matter how uncertain life can be, she finds solace in the arms of Jesus.  My daughter Bethany is singing and the harmony she sings came out the blue, a few minutes before she had to leave to go back to college. For me, it was a God moment. I hope whoever hears this song, will be encouraged.


A couple of years ago a colleague and I were presenting some partnership work at an overseas conference.  We were keen to include the value of building effective relationships, an easy thing to talk about, but in much of life the reality of messages getting confused in the ‘scrambulator’ is common. For me I so appreciate partnerships where there is ongoing commitment to understanding all perspectives … I asked Simon about a song / waiata that could carry these concepts for us. He shared this with ‘Dreamtree’ ,  and began exploring the sounds and words that portrayed this…  on this track you’ll here the first words in Maori, Ina mahi, tahi tatou Rongoa, woven with English, and North American  Indian drums (Rob) and organic seed shakers (Erin),  acoustic guitar  and e-bow (Tamati) and electric guitar with delay (Simon),  recorded by Ian, accompanied by pie (Cheryl).

The result is Rongoa, as  in the notion of  caring, bringing health …  it happens together, in partnership…water flowing down … refreshing the soul…

I’ll never forget the moment standing in the Congress Centre far away in the North seas of the earth and hearing the sounds born in the south seas of Aoteoroa.