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My Soul Will Be Satisfied (Psalm 63)

This song was written in 2012 by Andrew Gould. He was reading Psalm 63 and so he figures that really the words aren’t exactly his. He did a recording of it sometime back, but then rewrote the tune; this is the new version.

Andrew is on vox and his Larrivee acoustic, Tanya plays keys, Ian plays his electric Godin (with whammy), Simon’s on bass and BGV’s (Back Ground Vocals) both at the last minute while he encouraged Andrew to finish the vocal. We did think about adding a drum track – perhaps later. Our homegroup (Church plant) has been singing this for quite a while, but they don’t find it easy to learn songs without a recording… so the recording is overdue.

Rumours of Worship – 6 November 2010

We felt that that we needed to proclaim the love of God for all people. We were aware that many people do not experience this love and find God absent and distant. We were worshiping and praying that the people would really know the reality of this love.

We ended up doing: How he loves me, Amazing love, He loves me (again), I love you Lord, Amazing grace (my chains are gone), Big, I will worship, Time and time again (Tanya’s original), Breath on me breath of God (hymn), Holy is the Lord, Calling (Tanya’s original), In your presence.

High and Lofty One

in Isaiah 57:15  God uses High and Lofty One as one of the His titles. He says He lives in that High and Holy place with the humble and brokenhearted. this is the inspriation for this song

Choose Life – studio

a redo of a song we did live some time ago

Falling Into Grace

Written some time ago. I heard a qoute on a movie “I’ve got your back” I’m still discovering that Father God has got my back, my front, my sides, and under and over me. In Him we are secure

Be Glorified

This song I wrote some time back. Some of my favourite lyrics are

” When I’m falling, You catch me with Your Love

When I’m standing its by Your grace alone.”

It always reminds me of my need to be still and know


I heard someone recently speaking on joy. And this inspired a response. So here is my response!

Jesus Alone

Jesus Alone Chord Chart (pdf) Jesus Alone Chord Chart (Word doc)

This song was written as I thought about Jesus’ death and resurrection and His claims that if you had seen Him you had seen the Father. Further to this is the opening of John’s gospel – ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life and the light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

I wanted it to be vaguely hymn-like yet also contemporary at the same time, thus the four verses with the bridge. I have come to like this song the more I sing it. The fact that both Ian and Andrew play on it has made it even more special for me. I am also grateful to Simon (playing bass and doing BGV’s) and Cheryl (doing BGV’s). We first played it in worship at a Passover dinner that we hosted at our house this year. We have included the chord chart so you can use it in your own churches or home groups if you so wish. I would be most honoured if you did. If the song works well for you, please let me know. It works just fine with an acoustic guitar or piano or both together.

Techie notes from Ian: the solo acoustic is Ian’s solid body Godin, strumming is on Larrivée acoustic, Andrew’s electric tracks from the bridge onwards are on a Fender Telecaster Deluxe ’72 reissue, the distortion is through a Hughes and Kettner header unit directly DI’ed and a Mesa Boogie cab miked. The clean delay sound is a Logic Pro sound. Simon’s bass is directly in through a Logic bass “amp”.



A RECORDING DONE IN AUCKLAND with Tanya, Cheryl, And Simon

WIthout You

a recording done in Auckland with Tanya, Cheryl, and Simon