Monthly Archives: November 2016

You Are Coming

While thinking and praying for Ngaruawahia (open the food pits) recently I discovered that the history of Ngaruawahia is actually a love story that brought two tribes together. The thought came to me that the King of kings was coming over the mountains to embrace his people. The sweet fragrance of love is His love, a love that cannot be measured. The classic love story. And we are invited to a feast (Ngaruawahia, which meansĀ open the food pits).

Bring on the feast!

Lazy Day

“…..I get the comforting sense it will, just really be You and me, me and You, just us two, free to shoot the breeze and say our say….on this lazy day”. I wrote this song expressing the way I would like to spend my time conversing with God, surrounded by His creation and exclusive one on one time. It does mean putting aside time to do this, and to be honest, in this day and age it remains a constant struggle to quiet the thoughts in my head and the business of my life and not only say what I think and feel, but to let Him have His say as well!

I am still on my mission of learning to ‘breathe’. This word seems to keep appearing in my songs in various forms e.g. waiting, standing still, breathing, breathe. I am much better at doing and need to rest more in being.

This is a live version of this song which we played at Nivara Lounge (a bar lounge in town) in Hamilton together with Ian, Simon and Cheryl who make up Embers. We did a bunch of originals and other songs by other artists e.g. Sting, Crowded House, Seal, etc whom we love to sing as they capture something of the rumour of worship and life.