Monthly Archives: April 2013

What Have These Thoughts Done To Me

This song is about being confused and in a state where you don’t know whether things are real or if you are dreaming. I wrote it about 5 days ago.

I recorded it in my room this last Monday using my Digitech multi-effects unit as a digital input to Logic Studio. I used my Larrivee acoustic guitar and a Shure SM58 mic.

This is a “live” recording. Both parts were played in at the same time, as they would be at a live gig/concert.

This piece is in a drop tuning. If you would like tabs please use the contact page and I’ll try and get back to you ASAP.

An uncertain Dream

The origin of this short story is a bit strange, even for me. When I sent it to my daughter to read I wrote

… I woke up this morning with the first phrase of this story in my head and then I ran the dialogue along as I lay in bed… and then I lay around and then ran the same few sentences …. and then I lay around and then I thought I should get up and write them down. Then I wondered where these few sentences were going. So, I wrote a bit and as I went  (a bit like how the story goes)…

Well, it is short and it may be something you could read as you are heading for bed.