Monthly Archives: December 2016

Lost Lustre

As is heard in the opening line, I was inspired by the Psalmist in writing this song. Another source of inspiration came from a sermon on the prodigal son, and the idea of God’s extravagant grace which he lavishes upon us.
The song went through several iterations over the past year and a half, with  input from various sources. The first was a few changes in lyrics in discussion with a close friend and the second during the recording at the Gould’s house.

Breathe (Julie’s Song)

This song was written a few years ago but is dedicated to a beautiful friend of mine. Her and I talk a lot about ‘breathing’. I love our deep and meaningful conversations that we manage to have in the business and demands of our teaching jobs. In the mish-mash of our lives we sometimes crowd out the very things that give us life and hope and give our lives a sense of well-being. As a result, we end up living our lives in a smaller manner than that for which we were designed. “Breathing” can take many forms: it can be in quiet moments, celebratory happenings, family gatherings, artistic expressions, being truly who you are.

Life is too short to live small. Besides that, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the most expressive, creative, free, extravagant, generous beings that I know. As I relate more and more to them I want to live like they do. I hope this song encourages you to breathe.

There are two versions of this song – a studio version and a live version with Embers.