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Rumours of Worship – 6 November 2010

We felt that that we needed to proclaim the love of God for all people. We were aware that many people do not experience this love and find God absent and distant. We were worshiping and praying that the people would really know the reality of this love.

We ended up doing: How he loves me, Amazing love, He loves me (again), I love you Lord, Amazing grace (my chains are gone), Big, I will worship, Time and time again (Tanya’s original), Breath on me breath of God (hymn), Holy is the Lord, Calling (Tanya’s original), In your presence.

Burn in me

“Burn in me” was originally, “Burn over me”, and was inspired by the preaching of Peter Robertson, New Zealands own resident prophet, when he was preaching regularly at Thames Elim. Love that man and his heart.

Ian’s comments:

This was a really cool Rumours of Worship session (18 December 2010) because Andrew G (Ian and Tanya’s son) played quite a key role on his acoustic guitar (Epiphone performer ME/TBK – he chose it for it’s looks, but it turned out to be the bomb soundwise!!). In any case most of us had only heard the song once before. Bethany played bass, but had never heard it, and had forgotten where the Eb was, so she overdubbed her bass line after the event – she played various notes related to the Eb… but rarely the Eb itself. Tanya played keys (piano sound), but we had taken the signal in as a MIDI sound as well as audio, so we created a piano/string sound for the MIDI to play and muted the original piano audio. Simon led on his strat and Ian played his Godin. Simon, Cheryl and Tanya sang and Cheryl played acoustic guitar. (Bethany and Ian tried to find that Eb on the bass so they didn’t sing.)


The great lake seem to inspire themes of Gods’s unending Love and faithfulness. One day coming out of the full immersion of that lake, I felt inspired with these words and melody.

Who played what etc: This was recorded at a Rumours of Worship session on the 18 December 2010. Simon sang and played his strat, Cheryl sang and played keys, Bethany played bass, Tanya played keys and Ian played guitar. You can work out who plays what on guitar, by whether Simon is singing or not. If he is singing, then he plays simpler sort of rhythm with a bit of lead, but later Ian takes over the rhythm and then Simon lets rip. In the quiet you will hear Andrew’s haunting trombone….

Holy Jam

At the Rumours of Worship on the 6 November 2010 we had been singing about the holiness of God and we ended up in this pretty passionate jam around some of those ideas. The piece starts off with Cheryl praying a pray about us being committed to God and his ways. We end up digging deep and kind of declaring God’s nature over the nation.

Simon sings and plays electric guitar, Ian is on the other guitar, Daniel is on electronic drums and Cheryl prays.

Calling – live version

This is the live version of Calling. The song expresses the thought of Jesus calling us to Himself. The other thought expressed is one of falling into Jesus. When we let go of everything we hold onto, that we think makes us who we are, then we will find ourselves in the arms of Jesus who loves us no matter what. Sometimes I feel like I am so busy holding onto ‘things’, that I forget who is holding me. The feeling during this worship set, was of Jesus calling not only to us, but to many others who may not even know Him yet and especially calling to the next generation.

See the live version for the chord chart.

Time and time again

I wrote this song some time ago but had never really finished writing it. As we started doing the rumours events, I thought I would finish it off and use it in our worship, which happened during the November rumours event. It is a simple song about God’s faithfulness, grace and love which He gives me time and again. He is the constant. It never fails to amaze me how gracious He is. Jesus is my Lord and He is the lover of my soul. Ian and Simon are on electric guitars with Simon and Cheryl on vocals. I am playing keys and vocals and Jenny, Simon’s Dad’s wife is playing the piano that can be heard in the background.

Rumours of Worship – 6 October 2007

At this stage we called our gathering The Audience of One. The concept was taken from an idea where some musos got together, hired a truck and went into the desert to play only to  The Audience of One. We loved the idea and wanted to be a part of something like that at some stage. When Tanya came to New Zealand in 2006 they thought about worshiping in the middle of the country. When they met Simon (while buying a second-hand fridge) they formed a friendship with him and Cheryl (and others) around worship.

At this event we used a Robe (a white robe that Tanya got married in) to represent the cloak that is put on you as a son or daughter of the Most High. The children danced around taking turns wearing the robe while we worshiped. They also expressed their worship by creating lovely pictures. Bob played bass, Nathaniel (his son) played drums, Cheryl played guitar and led a raucous set, Tanya played acoustic piano and some flute, Simon led a set on guitar, Ian played guitar.

We did not record this one – no mac (;. The little video clip from Cheryl’s phone is the only record we have of the event.

This was formative and from here we did a wide range of things partnering with other churches, visiting ministries and Christian camps.

Some of the songs we did were More of you (Simon’s original song),  God of glory,

Rumours of Worship – 14 August 2010

Tonight was about Psalm 27 which Simon had felt we needed to worship around. We cried out to the Lord for justice and dancing on the injustice. Below are the ideas that people put onto the whiteboard during the evening’s worship.

We ended up playing: Holy, holy, Did you feel, You will remain, How great is our God, How great thou art, Praise Awaits (on this site), Dwell, Psalm 27 (also on this website), Let justice flow, The pursuit (also on this site).

Rumours of Worship – 10 July 2010

This evening seemed to us to be about freedom for our sons and daughters. Below are the ideas that people put onto the whiteboard during the evening’s worship.

Songs from this night included: Holy Spirit come, Come now is the time, Set me on fire, Lord reign in me, Jesus you are love (Simon original – on this website), How long, The vow (both by Cindy Ruakere), Sons and daughters, Hungry, I can feel you, More (than oxygen), Shine, Mercy, The vow, Dance with me, God You’re beautiful, Highest place.

Rumours of Worship – 29 May 2010

We were really impacted at the Intimacy in Worship Conference in Te Aroha in April of this year. We had a sense of the importance of worshiping over the nation and interceding on New Zealand’s behalf.

Some of the songs we ended up doing were: Hosanna, Blessed be your name, Mercy saves me, Above all else (Jesus, my passion in life), Dance with me, Resting place, Holy Spirit come, All I need is you, Amazing Grace (our chains are gone), This is the air I breath, and an original song by Mark.

The night was really more about intimacy with the Father. We kept revisiting this theme throughout the evening. We haven’t at this stage put any songs from this evening onto the website – almost none were original in any case.