Rumours of Worship – 6 October 2007

At this stage we called our gathering The Audience of One. The concept was taken from an idea where some musos got together, hired a truck and went into the desert to play only to  The Audience of One. We loved the idea and wanted to be a part of something like that at some stage. When Tanya came to New Zealand in 2006 they thought about worshiping in the middle of the country. When they met Simon (while buying a second-hand fridge) they formed a friendship with him and Cheryl (and others) around worship.

At this event we used a Robe (a white robe that Tanya got married in) to represent the cloak that is put on you as a son or daughter of the Most High. The children danced around taking turns wearing the robe while we worshiped. They also expressed their worship by creating lovely pictures. Bob played bass, Nathaniel (his son) played drums, Cheryl played guitar and led a raucous set, Tanya played acoustic piano and some flute, Simon led a set on guitar, Ian played guitar.

We did not record this one – no mac (;. The little video clip from Cheryl’s phone is the only record we have of the event.

This was formative and from here we did a wide range of things partnering with other churches, visiting ministries and Christian camps.

Some of the songs we did were More of you (Simon’s original song),  God of glory,