Ian’s instrumental

This song was written by Ian as a short solo guitar piece probably 15 years ago. Tanya then added a lovely flute piece to it quite a bit later. We used to play it back in the day when quiet, sort of meditative music may be helpful, in church or elsewhere.

This particular recording is not done with the flute part at all. What happened was Simon and I were playing at a Father’s Heart event over dinner – as kind of background music. We had set up and done a sound check etc, when Simon needed to be off for a few minutes – he can do this from time to time, like the time in Wellington… but that is another story, and there is no music to go with that story – we didn’t record the death metal…. Anywho, back to the point. So, he disappeared and I thought I would get a chance just to shine a bit with MY song seeing he was the star of the show… No seriously, I just thought I would set the scene by playing a bit. He came back after a few bars and I was about to wind it up and let Simon sing, but he started playing along. I don’t think he had ever heard the song before, but he did some great improvising over the chords. In my opinion it is probably Simon at his best – just feeling the moment and working with me and me with him, just going with the flow; special times. So, we really composed the song together “on the fly”. Actually it’s become the way we have started several “gigs” like this. If you want the chords, contact me and I will put them up in some form – basically it’s a kind of open G#m, F#m, G#m, B, A and later Amaj7 etc.

On a technical note, Ian played his Godin – using both his acoustic guitar out (through a set of mac effects) and also his electric guitar out through his Boss GT-5 going out through the mac as an amp simulator. Simon plays his modified applause acoustic though his Vamp 2 – with all sorts of effects on it.