Amazing Love

This is a rewrite of a song that Simon wrote in Waihi some time back. It was recorded at our November 2010 Rumours of Worship. It was a hard time of worship – it felt like we were fighting for a breakthrough for the nation. We had Simon’s dad and his wife Jenny join us – you can hear her playing the acoustic piano in the background – just reading the chord charts off the data-projector and fitting in as she heard the song for the first time – everyone gets to play – thanks, Jenny. For completeness the other musos are Simon playing his blue Samick (stereo out’s this time – one from his Vamp 2 and the other from a mic in front of the Fender Hotrod, Cheryl playing the pads/string, Tanya on keys, Ian on his Godin electric, through the trusty Boss GT-5 via the Mac amp simulator and Tanya on flute. The “second” flute you hear is the result of a “mistake”. Ian copied part of Tanya’s vocal track to anther track to put a different effect onto the flute, but he offset it accidentally (completely out of time with the bars of the 3 hour “song” – the whole worship session). In any case, it sounded like a cool echo – like out of time “doubling”, so he left it there.

It is our first recording with the drummer-man, Daniel. He only got there halfway through this song (part way into the worship) and Ian helped him set up while the others carried on worshiping – this explains why they both only start playing half-way through the song. Perhaps God was speaking to us even in the way that the evening went; not exactly what we had planned. Daniel is playing a Roland (don’t know the model) electronic kit – and this is his first recording!

In the end we got there. We sang the love of God, His amazing love, over ourselves, Taupo, New Zealand, and the earth. It was good. God was with us.