This is you (Bethany’s song) – Studio version

Here is the studio version of ‘This is You (Bethany’s Song)’.  As I said on the live version, I wrote this for Bethany a while back, but wanted to do the song justice by having other musos play on it. On this version, Simon is playing bass, Ian is on acoustic guitar, I am playing keys and the special guest is Ashley B from England, but originally from South Africa who happened to be visiting us with his dear wife, Tas. Ashley is playing all the haunting electric guitar stuff (multiple tracks) and I am so grateful and feel privileged to have him play on one of my songs. Thanks Ash! It means more to me than you know as you have been with us through many experiences and we so loved having you and Tas here in NZ. There is nothing like doing things with good friends.

Once more I programmed the drums with some help from Ian. Now if only we could have some of our drummer friends come play here with us! You know who you are. Have to say, we have only played with fantastic drummers and have been spoilt for life.

This is for you, Betha!