Cross the Line (Andrew’s Song)

I woke up one Sunday morning at the end of last year and felt that I really needed to write a song for my son, Andrew. It was one of those moments where the words literally plopped onto the page. There were a whole lot of images and ideas that surrounded the writing of this particular song. Although this is very definitely Andrew’s song, I hope that there will be many others who may listen and be encouraged to ‘cross the line’ that has been drawn in the sand by the enemy, which says that certain things cannot be done.  The people that come to mind are the many young men and women that we have had the privilege of knowing, either through the King’s School – Robinhills, Valley Vineyard and other Vineyards in South Africa and the cousins in our family. I would love to name you all, as we hold precious memories of you all, but hopefully you know who you are. This is also for those we have now become friends with here in New Zealand.

So….”be strong and very courageous”…..hear what the Father is saying and take a leap of faith. Hopefully the rest of the song speaks for itself.

This is not my usual style of writing, more Andrew’s style to some degree, so it was quite an experiment working with loops and various sounds. Personally, I like to play this song very loud, but hey, whatever….! Ian is playing some great guitar and all the rest is the computer and I with lots of suggestions from Andrew and Bethany.