Rumours of Another World

Several years ago I read Philip Yancey’s book ‘Rumours of Another World’. It led me to thinking about the stories we have heard, which have passed down through the generations about God’s very particular involvement in our world and the stories about another world, or a different place where there is no pain, tears or shame. The song was originally written in 6/8 and was slow and ‘heartfelt’. This new rendition is about speaking to a younger generation about the ‘rumours’ we have heard – which I believe are true – a place where there will be no more pain, tears or shame. This took a longer time to work on than some of my other stuff, simply because I tried to work outside my comfort zone. This is partly because I am passionate about the younger generation ‘catching’ a sense of the time we live in and the role they will have to play – ‘for such a time as this….'(Read Esther) – that is in the Old Testament!

This is a new genre for me to write in. I started recording in GarageBand using some loops and moved across to Logic Pro to automate the digital effects of which I used about 50 separate effects e.g. reversed delays, reverbs, echo etc. All of the keyboard work, apart from the loops, is mine and all the guitar stuff is Ian’s. Both Bethany and Andrew gave heaps of input as this is not my usual style.  Share with with the younger generation if this is not quite your style.