Late Night Musings

I wrote this piece of music after hearing a student at school play a jazz piece. I thought, if they can write a jazz type piece, could I? It was not as simple as I thought, however, I have grown up with plenty of jazzy music being played at home, so it is not like I had no idea, it was just that I had not tried to write in that particular style. I find that as a teacher, I am often challenged by what my students do. I feel that if I expect my students to do something creatively then surely I should expect the same thing of myself. I need to remember what it feels like to try something from scratch, to be out of my comfort zone and try something new, no matter the results.

I think God sometimes asks us to step outside our comfort zone. It is not so much to make us feel inadequate, as to show us that He is there and anoints us for the task at hand because we cannot afford to rely on ourselves, but have to fully rely on Him. More often than not in those situations, I come out marveling at the wonder of how God leads us and we are able to look back and go, “My gosh, how was I possibly able to do that?” God is so gracious in so many ways.

In this version (we may put up a studio version at some point – as you can see, we are into two or sometimes more versions of a particular song or piece of music), Ian is playing elex guitar and I am on keys. We played this at an Arts weekend at the theatre in town and was the first time this piece had been played in public. This was a result of deciding to play our original stuff we feel God has given us to sing or play. We were mixing our own sound on stage and at the beginning I am just checking with the front of house sound guys if we have the mix right.