Running Free

I started meandering along with this piece back in 2010. I laid down the main structure of the song all in one sitting pretty much. I hadn’t intended to even write a song as I recall, but it is amazing what comes out of a person when you sit down and pour out your heart.

The piece kind of grew along as I laid down the guitar tracks. I am not even sure which ones got put down first, but I do know which one was the last one. The kind of lead section was last – I had put it down, but the timing was rushed – so it sat there until a few days ago when I finished this draft of it. I say this draft because I can partly hear another whole improvised section in the middle of it. Simon hears some airy keyboard part. Perhaps one day I will do another version.

Tanya named it Running Free. Previously it was called “Ian’s 2010 composition” – talk about original! She felt that’s what it said to her. I think it’s a great name and it’s my desire, to run free. I know Jesus has set us free, but walking in that freedom is another story.

The tech stuff: I used my Godin electric and mostly played Logic Pro guitar amp sounds with it – direct in. The lead guitar part is through my vox Tonelab and the fretless bass is by Tanya – also using a Logic Pro sound. There are 11 tracks that are finally used 5 backing guitar tracks, 1 lead and then the fretless.