Faith like a Child (Faith, hope and love) – at the Variety Bash

This song was written some time back, but I never had the chance to do it with more than just Ian and I. When we had the opportunity to do it at the Variety Bash on the Taupo Domain, we decided to throw in some original songs with the covers we were doing. So….finally a chance to do it with another guitarist, Simon, playing lead guitar and Ian doing the acoustic. Cheryl normally plays piano on this song, but was taking a break and Brooke had not yet learned the bass, but we are slowly getting there. BTW – Simon didn’t have any music so Ian was shouting the chords to him during the solo. Okay, so it is a bit rough, and you can hear the kids screaming in the background for the Variety Bash, but this is what was captured on the day. We were grateful for the invite from the Taupo District Council to play at this event. We had a blast and were well looked after.

The song says it all really – still learning to have faith like a child……

Note from Ian: Simon is playing his blue Samick semi-acoustic through his Line 6 RD 300 and Ian is playing his 25 year old Guild with effects compliments of Logic (yes, we all played through Logic live while it also recorded us!) Tanya is singing through a Shure SM58 – one day we might get something a bit more flash.