Onward Christian Soldiers

This is a revision of the old hymn Onward Christian Soldiers. We were asked to lead worship at Kids Camp and the camp was about being in God’s army. Simon thought it would be great to use this song, but rework it so the kids could relate to it. It worked really well for the worship at camp.

Simon came up with a really cool way of playing (and singing) this classic. We recorded it on Ian’s Windows 98 PC running an old version of Logic Audio – lead vocal, bass, and most of the guitars – all at once. Then every person who came to visit got invited to sing on it after that. Everyone gets to play!

Simon then played some weird drumming (from time to time). Ian worked for several hours on the 2 guitar solos – he thinks it’s probably his best work. It’s a pity we can’t easily re-work it as the files are not compatible with the new Logic Studio.

Ian, Simon, Rob and Andrew all play some guitars – as far as we recall. Simon played bass (and the odd drum). Simon, Tanya, Bethany, Kerry and Ian did vocals (Ian didn’t actually sing – he did this weird rap, he still doesn’t get to sing on recordings very often but he doesn’t mind). Have we missed out anyone? Come on, confess.